The Numbers

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Percentage of unpaid carers who are women

63% of New Zealand's family carers are women; unpaid carers are twice as likely to be female.

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Number of unpaid carers who are women

According to Census 2013, 272,328 unpaid female carers live in NZ.


Number of women supporting a loved one in their own home

Census 2013 found that 136,638 NZ women were assisting someone in their own home.


Number of women assisting a loved one outside their home

175,839 women were supporting someone living in another location.


Average age of female carers

Most women are caring in mid life, a role that can impact their own health, work, and ability to save for retirement.


Diverse ethnic backgrounds

Carers come from all ethnic backgrounds, but are more likely to be European or Maori.


Hours a week caregiving

The average carer devotes 30 hours a week to caregiving on top of her other work and family responsibilities.


Impact on household earnings

Households of unpaid caregivers typically earn 10 percent less.


Value to New Zealand

The annual value of unpaid care is conservatively estimated to be $10.8 billion dollars (Source: Infometrics).