THANKS: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

On the day the PM announced her pregnancy, a letter pinged into Carers NZ's inbox from her office.

It was her statement of support for She Cares, supporting and celebrating our country's women family caregivers.

Our request for this statement had been submitted just a few weeks earlier.

It was a speed record for response about any family caregiving issue by a New Zealand Prime Minister.

In countries around the world there is a direct correlation between PM level recognition of carers, and progress of caring issues with governments.

So thank you Jacinda Ardern, and for your earlier media comment supporting women in caring roles not long after you became PM.


I will have great ambition ... as a woman and as the Prime Minister  ... that we will make great gains as a Government on issues like equal pay and making sure we are supporting women in the roles they choose to take, be that in work or carer roles. That will be at the heart of what we do. It will be held by someone who is passionate about the work that they do and I will hold it close to my heart as well.
— Jacinda Adern